Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bugs Bravery

 Jesse just got his first set of "wheels".    He received one of those bikes without pedals called a balance bike.  He's nonstop rollin' on his new motorcycle! We can barely pry his exhausted three year old body off the thing. He rides it up and down the hall, to dinner, to get his socks, to bed;  you get the idea...  Well the other day, Kaela coaxed him into riding down the slope in our front yard.  He made it down on the first try and then plopped on his bum.  Mortified, he did NOT want to try again.  The following photos tell the story of the Boy, his bike, his Coach and his triumph over fear!  Enjoy!

Kaela Sells the Ride

Daddy Promises to Help

Taking His Seat

The Moment of Truth



And Success!

Safe and Sound
Jesse found his balance and conquered that hill quite a few times that day.  Kaela was the unwavering fan!  What a lucky little brother he is.


  1. That last photo is great, you can see he's happy and proud but petrified too! Good job Jesse, we'll have you teach Nils all about it.

  2. WooHoo! Way to go, Jesse! I can't wait to see you ride your bike in person!