Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Are My Eggs?

Though Easter and the search for eggs is nearly upon us, we Halls started wondering where our eggs were about 4 or 5 days ago when I went out to do my regular gathering and found an empty egg box.  I didn't think too much about it; sometimes that happens. After another eggless day or two, however, I began to wonder.  I'll admit I thought maybe the guy to mixes my feed had forgotten to put an important nutrient in that was causing the ladies to be out of balance and therefore not laying.  A quick phone call to my girlfriend who uses the same feed I use ruled out that possibility. "I'll give them a couple more days" I thought.  And so I did... no eggs! On the way home from church this morning, Jason declares our lack of eggs ridiculous (I refuse to buy them) and insists begin a hunt.  We searched high and low, in our yard, in our neighbors' yards and every nook and cranny we can think of.  No eggs!  We file into the house cold, annoyed and feeling like the chickens have gotten the better of us or something is dreadfully wrong.  Where are my eggs?  Then I realize we hadn't yet checked under the back porch.  Hopelessly I peeked under the porch. Expecting to find nothing I wasn't  surprised.  Thinking that it's dark under there and perhaps I should check one more time, I hit the jackpot!  Deep under the porch where no body in their right mind would ever want to search for eggs, was a pile of 14 eggs!  Excited I called Jason and he promised to figure out a way to pull them out this afternoon.  And so he has! I'm back in business!

Here's the rub: There were 14 eggs total under the porch. 12 were white and 2 were brown.  We only have 2 white birds.  They only each lay an egg a day.   We own 10 other mature hens who lay brown eggs.  We should have at least another 12 to 18 eggs in that pile.  So where are all the brown eggs?  Our mystery lives on.  I only hope we aren't still hunting for our "Easter" eggs when the summer heat arrives.

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  1. That's insane! Might have to keep them in the enclosure somehow for a few days so they remember where to lay again!