Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whidbey Vignettes

We needed a get away... Desperately.  Mima was coming to town and we decided to pack it (and her) up and head to Whidbey Island for a weekend of beach combing adventures, exploring and eating.  My little naturalists have been begging for some time at a beach and were immediately imagining what they might find when we told them to pack up their gear!  Dad remembered to bring the binoculars, one for each pair of child's eyes, and they started their search the moment the wheels began to roll... 

Jesse Looking for Eagles

Our first trip out to the water was at high tide.  We weren't expecting to find much. It was quite rainy; though nobody seemed to mind too much.  Frankly, I think we were all thrilled just to be at the water enjoying the fresh air and sounds of the sea.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting familiar with our new beach, Useless Bay.  All sorts of adventures, discoveries and scientific findings unfolded as we explored every nook and cranny of that beach.  Jason took some beautiful photos...

Useless Bay (Our Bay)
 We found an old... thing to explore.  It provided a great photo op and a perfect adventure for the kids.

Kaela In The Thingy

Jason found some grass growing on drift wood.  Naturally, he turned it into ART.  Here are a few more shots.

Kaela's independent spirit and desire to find out what's around the next bend was intoxicating to watch and a bit contagious.  What's better than exploring with a child? Every line the tide makes, each rock and even the sand itself is mysterious. Kaela got a bee in her bonnet and couldn't be settled until she found the route to the sand bar in the distance.  She finally found it! It was quite a hike.  Along the way I discovered that my rubber boots weren't water tight.  No matter!  Who cares about wet feet when there is an adventure to be had?

There She Goes   

Jesse and I weren't far behind.  But that plank Kaela glided across was slippery!  We were not without calamity.  After multiple slips and a few tears Jesse and I made it across the plank and over the tide pool; he on the plank and I in water with leaky boots.  On the way back, he looked up and me and asked, "Am I a big boy, Mom? Because I can do this?" Yeah, Bug.  You're a Big Boy!

Well Done, Son
Jesse found a tiny crab claw.  After a brief examination and a significant amount of "ooo-ing and awww-ing" we put it in his pocket.  What else would we have done with it?

  A couple of parting shots from our morning visit to the beach:

Our Favorite Morning Time Find

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  1. Looks like a real memory-maker. I would have had a hard time leaving too.