Saturday, March 10, 2012

Homemade Roller Skates

There is a certain feeling in the air of our home when the kids are up to something.  It's almost as though their creative process stirs up the molecules in the air making them hum with activity. The feeling is similar to the electric atmosphere one feels just before a storm.  While I was flipping pancakes the other day, I noticed the hum of activity coming from Jesse's room.  Kaela had been gathering supplies and making plans.  Scissors, tights, Hot Wheels cars and tennis shoes...  A few minutes later, out came Jesse proudly wearing his homemade roller skates! Kaela had tied a Hot Wheels car to the bottom of both of Jesse's tennis shoes with strips of her tights.  She followed along behind him greatly disappointed that her roller skates weren't rolling very well.  I totally understand her disappointment and feel her frustration but these skates were way too cute and clever not to photograph!  Well done, my little inventor!


  1. What?!? That is a-mazing! Totally thought through. Love. It.