Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ee-eye Ee-eye Oh...

We Halls had a fabulous afternoon.  The kids harvested the last of the 2011 kale with a little help from Sugarball and Crackers.  While Dad and Mom turned some soil and did a little early season planting. 

Great Work, Ladies!
Time for a Snack
Dad Digs and Digs

Jesse and his dad spent quite some time digging in the boxes together.  Jason was tilling the soil while Jesse searched for worms.  Notice the stalk of kale in his left hand.  He'd been gnawing on it for the better part of the last 15 minutes.  I'm glad he'll "eat his vegetable" but that's just gross.  

So here is the first box we were able to seed and cover with our semi home made cloche. Underneath the cloche is some spinach and broccoli. 

An Overview

The Ladies and Today's Offerings:

Thank You, Ladies

My Neighbor, Linda likes to say, "Jennie, these ARE the good 'ol days!" Now, isn't that the truth?


  1. Love seeing your day. Good pictures, friend.

  2. We have some green plants left over from last year in our garden. Maybe Jesse would like to come for a visit!