Monday, May 7, 2012

Hubba Hubba Husband!

Keep Moving, Ladies. Nothing to see here. 

This one's taken...

So We have these enormous trees in our front and side yard; about 10 of them, in fact.  Jason calls them his forest. I remember the day we received our keys. We came by the house and Jason walked through the stand of trees and said, "Look, Honey, we have our own forest." The word forest might be a bit of a stretch but having come from Southern California these trees were pretty awe inspiring and the even more so the fact that we owned them! Or at least we will own them in about 27 years from now... Chuckle. The stand is a mix of Evergreens including a beautiful Cedar, a Fir and various others I can't identify.  They are beautiful! And they are casting and early afternoon shade on a large portion of my vegetable garden.  
Insert debate about whether or not to take the first two trees in the stand down in order to allow more sunshine on the garden. I'm for taking the darn things down.  Just rip 'em out! We would have so much more room to plant and we'd still have the other 8 trees, right? Jason is on the side of caution. 
After much thought we agreed to have Jason simply skirt the trees and see if we added any sunlight hours that way.  A great compromise. He gets to use his chainsaw and a friend's climbing gear. And I got to snap photos.  What fun!

In just moments Jason had the whole coordination thing  figured out. Looks pretty natural, eh? Way to climb, Babe!

The trees look really nice. He did a wonderful job. And it was so much fun that the idea of climbing to the top in order to take them all the way down is starting to sound tempting to our home grown trimmer. Yahoo!


  1. And how much sun did it buy you?

  2. Palms sweating just looking at the photo's.