Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Signs of Life

Summer Squash Starts

After the snow melts and the threat of frost recedes like the chilly tide, I get antsy.  I start to check weather sites online; comparing them to one another sometimes a few times a day. I go in and out the front door testing the air, sniffing and (by my sheer force of will) urging spring to arrive. I order my seeds and make a diagram of how I'd like to order this years' garden.  Jason begins to pace and says things like, "Well, do you need me to buy some more wood? Are there any upgrades or changes that need to be made this year? What are we going to grow?" and the ever present, "So, what's the plan?" We watch. Wait. Pace. Tap on the windows. Hope... Order our seeds and start our seedlings and then wait some more.
We have waited long enough!

I think it's safe to say that SPRING HAS ARRIVED! Wheeew!  What a relief.  I am so over store bought greens and snap peas.  I could just gag.  I can almost taste the first fresh from the garden salad. Sigh... Please, Spring, have mercy on us! Stick around. Help us grow. Warm our soil and feed our crops.  Nourish us.

Some early spring photos from the Hall family garden:

Strawberry Flowers


Snap Peas

More Strawberries

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