Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching Up!

Wow! May was quite a month! We've been so busy I've not had time to keep my blog up to date.  Here are a few blurbs and photos to document May.

Sweet Memories
First things first! Kaela has been a Daisy in Girl Scouts this year but earlier this month she graduated or "bridged" to Brownie.  We all got to go to the ceremony and enjoy watching her celebrate her accomplishment.  She sat next to her dear and constant buddy, Ellanor.


We decided to expand the garden.  It's pretty much Jesse's fault.  But that's another story... Anyway, the only way to add on was for Jason to tear up grass which he began doing with a pick and shovel.  Half joking and half serious I mentioned that we should ask our neighbor to bring over his tractor and do the digging for us.  Jason's eyebrows went up and he jogged off.  A few moments later, this was sitting in my front yard and my husband was wearing a grin from ear to ear.

So much for the pic and shovel

Jason, not surprisingly, figured out how to work the massive thing and the work was done in no time.  Frankly, I'm surprised we still have lawn in the front yard at all! He exercised incredible self control.
Here are a few more shots.

Fun Times 

In other news, we had our first truly nice evening of the year in May. I think it was on everybody's minds, though I have no idea who actually mentioned it... It was warm enough for a family evening around the fire.  I made some gluten free gram crackers and we were ready for some serious toasting!
Somebody grab the marshmallows!



  1. Nice recap! That shot of Kaela on the bridge is too cute.

  2. Jen, only you could make gluten free graham crackers. You guys are soooo cute and oh how I miss you. I always feel so loved when I am there .. I love all the stories cuz I miss you all so much ...Kaela is growing so fast....I love this blog. Jason is in his glory on that backhoe, I bet Jesse was too...